10 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media During Divorce and How To Avoid the Digital Drama

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Going through a divorce is already like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle. The last thing you need is a social media misstep setting your pants on fire. For those navigating the treacherous e-waters of divorce, here are ten do’s and ten don’ts to keep you balanced on that unicycle.

Social media and divorce
Social media and divorce

10 Do’s of Social Media During Divorce

  1. Do Take a Social Media Detox
    Imagine your social media profiles are a casserole; sometimes it’s best to let them cool down. Take a step back and give yourself a breather. Hit that “pause” button on posting and spend some time binge-watching something uplifting instead.
  2. Do Adjust Your Privacy Settings
    Lock it down like Fort Knox. Max out your privacy settings to keep prying eyes away. Make sure even Sherlock Holmes would struggle to find your latest selfie.
  3. Do Monitor Your Online Footprint
    Search yourself online. If anything’s out there that may haunt you, deal with it before it deals with you. Use this as an excuse for a mini ego trip—just make sure it’s a squeaky-clean trip.
  4. Do Talk to Your Kids About Their Posts
    Junior’s rant about your parenting might be cute—until it’s Exhibit A in court. Sit down for a chat about why their latest TikTok might need a little censoring.
  5. Do Gather Support Online Discreetly
    Join private groups for divorce support—keyword: private. Use pseudonyms if you must. You’re not Sherlock Holmes, and your ex is not Moriarty, but still. Remember, private doesn’t mean plastered all over your feed.
  6. Do Use Direct Messaging for Sensitive Conversations
    Keep fights and sensitive topics off the timeline. Use DM for the arguments you’ll later regret and can deny more easily. Think of it as a digital whisper.
  7. Do Educate Friends and Family
    Your Aunt Marge means well, but remind her not to post about your ex. She doesn’t need to stir the pot while you’re trying to simmer down.
  8. Do Leverage Professional Networks
    Use LinkedIn to seek support for career transitions post-divorce, not for airing grievances. Your next employer doesn’t need to know about the cringe-worthy details of your split.
  9. Do Maintain Composure in All Posts
    Post like your grandma’s watching because in a way, she is…and so is the judge. Keep it classy, not sassy.
  10. Do Show Your Best Self
    Post those marathon victories and charity work. Just skip the post-run margarita pics. Let the world see you shining, not whining.

10 Don’ts of Social Media During Divorce

  1. Don’t Post About Your Ex
    No snide comments, no veiled insults. Resist the urge to drop that hundredth vague post about “some people”. If you need to vent, text a friend or scream into a pillow.
  2. Don’t Delete Anything
    Deleting posts can equal “spoliation of evidence”. Think of it as trying to hide the pumpkin pie mess you made in the oven—someone will smell it, trust me.
  3. Don’t Post New Relationships
    Keep your new Tinder escapades off the grid. It’s like inviting drama to dinner. Do you really want to add another player to this already messy game?
  4. Don’t Engage in Public Arguments
    Sparring online isn’t therapeutic. It’s exhibit B at best, and just ugly. Keep those fights offline and your dignity intact.
  5. Don’t Post Party Pics
    Even if you’re sipping sparkling water at a book club, your ex’s lawyer will call it a rager. Better safe than sorry—stick to Netflix and no pics.
  6. Don’t Use Social Media at Work
    Big Brother (your boss) is very much watching. Save your posts for your couch, not the company network. Also, your boss doesn’t care about your latest cat meme obsession.
  7. Don’t Vent About the Court Process
    Complaining about judges, lawyers, and court decisions online is a fast track to the doghouse—or worse. Keep those thoughts in your journal or whispered softly to your dog.
  8. Don’t Post Financial Information
    No one needs to know about your new job or that sweet bonus. Your ex certainly doesn’t. The last thing you want is your ex’s lawyer getting curious about your Dutch oven obsession.
  9. Don’t Share Location Check-ins
    Foursquare is so 2010, and also, do you really need your ex knowing you turned up at Margaritaville? Stay mysterious, it’s more fun.
  10. Don’t Allow Others to Tag You
    Turn off tagging. You don’t need someone’s 2 AM karaoke post dragging you into the limelight. Trust me, no one looks good singing Journey at 2 AM.

Bonus Tips

How to Use Social Media as a Support Mechanism

  1. Join Private Divorce Support Groups
    A safe space where you can vent without worrying about it going public. Think of it as the Speak-Easy of the Digital Age.
  2. Follow Motivational Accounts
    Fill your feed with inspiration instead of aggravation. Someone out there has a worse story than yours, and they’re running a marathon with one leg.
  3. Share Trusted Resources
    Use your platform to share helpful articles and resources—not your dirty laundry. Educational over emotional.

How to Use Social Media as a Weapon (But Don’t)

  1. Subtly Document Positive Activities
    Post pictures from volunteering or family-friendly events. Looks good on you and not so easy for your ex to twist.
  2. Screenshot Evidence When Necessary
    If your ex is behaving badly online, quietly document it. Don’t retaliate—let your lawyer handle it. Think of it as gathering digital blackmail—use it cautiously.
  3. Keep a Low Profile
    Use social media to stay informed about your ex’s public posts without engaging. Knowledge is power, and sometimes, silence is golden.

Remember, your charisma doesn’t need to crash and burn just because your relationship did. Keep your social grace intact, even when you’re only visible through a screen.