Five years, three lawyers, and a $300k hole later, I emerged without a career, credit, or cash flow, but with a story wilder than a rock star’s weekend spree. And nope, not even a consolation tee in sight.


Think of my divorce saga as a binge-worthy series with zero romance and all the drama. It was a rollercoaster with more twists than a soap opera, leading me to ditch the legal team and go solo in court—because who needs money when you’ve got moxie?


Here, I dive head first into my no-filter recount of going toe-to-toe in court, solo. It’s raw, real, and peppered with the kind of humor that comes from surviving the storm. Forget the fluff; this is about finding the funny in the fray, Pro Se style. Next up, a handy guide: ‘Pro Se Divorce by State.’ Click through to navigate your battleground.

Quick DubG Disclaimer: Not Your Legal Eagle


In case we’ve never met, hi, I’m DubG. Now, before you start thinking I’m some kind of courtroom wizard, let’s clear the air: I’m not a lawyer. I’m just a pro se warrior who’s battled in the legal arena without a law degree.

What you’ll read here is all from my own playbook—lessons learned, mistakes made, and a whole lot of BS navigated. But remember, I’m not giving legal advice; I’m just sharing my own twisted journey through the legal system.

So, if you’re looking for legit legal counsel, go find someone who can actually spell “jurisprudence” without Googling it. Read on for laughs and facepalms, but don’t serve me papers if things go south, capiche?

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure:

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