Mom Versus the World

Are you a messy bun-wearing, caffine-driven parent, who sometimes feels like an invisible hide-and-seek champion?


Or questioned if your mom voice is audible over TikTok’s latest trend? At Mom Versus the World, we feel that perfection is overrated, so we’re here to evoke laughter, embrace tears, and seize the day.


We are the antidote to all those pristine, white-on-white-on-white decor fads, because in our world, life happens in technicolor, not grayscale, courtesy of the inevitable slime and finger paint found in countless goody bags.

In our world, flawlessness is as elusive as clearance-priced luxury bags, so we are here to offer you a brutally honest advice column, refreshingly candid blog posts and empowering co-creator incentives.


Whether you’re a single mom, a new mom, a veteran mom, or Mr. Mom, if you’re the mistake-ridden, laugh-crying, blooper-filled, pants-peeing type of mom, we not only welcome you into our world, we salute you!


 Laugh more, cry less, and become part of something great.

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