Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Links

In most cases, the links provided by Mom Versus the World are affiliate links and a small commission from sales of certain items may be earned.

Amazon Disclosure

Mom Versus the World participates in the many international affiliate programs Amazon has available (a.k.a. Amazon Associates Programs), an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for Bloggers, Influencers, Creators, Creatives, and others to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to various Amazon properties including,, and others. Our tracking IDs are regularly provided to Amazon Associates account managers.


At times, Mom Versus the World may include links in conjunction with a review of a product. In some of these cases, the product has been received for free from the manufacturer or distributor. This may affect the objectivity of the reviewer.

Sponsored Content

Occasionally, Mom Versus the World may feature links within sponsored content. This content is created wholly or partly for, or on behalf of, a paying party, who may be the seller of the product, or compensated by the seller for purchases of the product.