DIY Outdoor Christmas Lights: A Guide to Beautiful Christmas Outdoor Lighting

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DIY Outdoor Christmas Lights Planning

Here at Mom Versus the World, we’re head over heels for the magic of DIY outdoor Christmas lights. As the days start to shrink and the nights stretch out, there’s nothing quite like a mesmerizing display of outdoor Christmas lights to sprinkle a dash of festive cheer in your home. But where on earth do you start with DIY Christmas light planning?

First things first, you need to decide on the type of lights you want to use. From the charm of traditional string lights to the uniqueness of custom Christmas lights, there’s a veritable buffet of options to choose from.  The pros use an entirely different type of light, most of which can withstand harsher weather and be left in place for years to come with very little maintenance. But this no-fuss method comes with a price, which is par for the course, but you could save a few bucks by DIY’ing with the good stuff, at least half if not more of whatever your estimate was from your local light installers.

I found a great supplier, and I am trying to get them to do a special on my show. It’s their busy season, so maybe next year we will feature them in a holiday light installer coaching session. For now, you can use my affiliate link for a nice discount on your supplies this year , or just use code DubG at checkout.  Once you’ve picked out your lights, it’s time to sketch out your display. Are you aiming for a dazzling spectacle that’s visible from the International Space Station or a subtle, understated glow that whispers Christmas? Whatever your preference, planning is the secret ingredient to achieving the desired effect.

DIY GIANT Christmas Light Bulb Decorations

If you’re looking to make a grand statement this Christmas, why not try your hand at DIY giant Christmas light bulb decorations? These oversized decorations are guaranteed to turn heads and bring a touch of festive fun to your outdoor space.

To create these, you’ll need some large plastic balls, a bit of paint, and a bucketful of creativity. Once you’ve painted your balls to resemble giant Christmas light bulbs, you can hang them from trees, line them up along your driveway, or even create a giant Christmas light tutorial for others to follow. It’s a surefire way to make your home the talk of the town.

DIY Outdoor Marquee Lights

Marquee lights are the latest trend, and they’re surprisingly easy to create at home. All you need are some old cardboard letters, string lights, and a healthy dose of patience. Once you’ve crafted your letters, you can arrange them on your lawn or hang them from your porch to create a festive message that’s visible for all to see.

DIY Christmas Light Display

Creating a DIY Christmas light display is a fantastic way to bring the Christmas spirit outdoors. Whether you choose to create a dazzling light show that rivals the Northern Lights or a simple, elegant display that exudes class, the key is to let your creativity run wild.

One idea is to use Christmas light clips to hang your lights in unique patterns or shapes. Alternatively, you could create lighted gift boxes or even lighted snowman decor. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hang outdoor Christmas lights like a pro?

To hang outdoor Christmas lights like a pro, start by planning your display. Decide where you want to hang your lights and measure the area to determine how many lights you’ll need. Use Christmas light clips to securely attach your lights to your house, trees, or other structures. Always test your lights before hanging them to ensure they all work.

What are some creative DIY Christmas light decoration ideas?

Some creative DIY Christmas light decoration ideas include making giant Christmas light bulb decorations, creating a DIY outdoor marquee light display, or crafting custom Christmas lights for a unique look. You could also try making snowball lanterns, ice luminaries, or lighted gift boxes for a festive touch.

How can I make my outdoor Christmas lights more festive?

To make your outdoor Christmas lights more festive, consider adding some DIY Christmas light decorations to your display. This could include lighted gift boxes, a lighted snowman, or even a DIY Christmas light display. You could also use different colored lights or flashing lights for a more festive feel.

What are some DIY Christmas Lights Decorating Ideas?Dubg's diy outdoor christmas lights

    1. Create a lighted pathway. I line my garden beds and driveway by placing lights on the edges and using ground stakes.
    2. I make a lighted wreath with fresh white pine, green arborvitae, and battery-operated fairy lights each year.
    3. A DIY Christmas light tree using a tomato cage is an easy way to add some wow to those plain old icicle lights hanging from your leaf-stuffed gutters every year.
    4. Make your own lighted ornaments and create a lighted Christmas scene in your yard. I just bought a 12-pack of battery-operated fairy lights for $7.99 on Amazon. Those are super versatile and can be used in so many cool ways.

How Do Professional Light Installers Get Lights So Perfect? 

To keep your Christmas lights in place, like the pros do, you have to use Christmas light straps like the ones available at Christmas Light Contractors USA. These tools are like the secret behind all of the epic holiday lights that you look at and just say “WOW”. They can be attached to a variety of surfaces, like tree trunks or columns, making it easy to hang your lights exactly where you want them and making them effortlessly symmetrical for those perfect candy cane column designs Ive always wanted to do. You’re welcome.

You could also use hot glue or painter’s tape to secure your lights, but be sure to test these methods on a small area first to ensure they won’t damage your surfaces or your lights. The newer mini lights are not braided wires; they are thin, single strands, two of them side-by-side, more fragile than they used to be, but the light count is also much higher.  I haven’t yet tested hot glue on them and I don’t think I’m going to. But hey, let me know if you win or lose.