Ho Ho Ho-ld Up: The #1 Christmas Village in NJ That’s Unapologetically Over-the-Top!

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Ho Ho Ho-ld Up: There is a Christmas Village in NJ Hosting A Night With the Real Clark Griswold?

Alright, folks, let’s shimmy down the chimney into a Christmas tale that’s as heartwarming as a mug of hot cocoa on a frosty winter’s night, about a Christmas village in NJ. Imagine stumbling upon a hidden city of gold under the sea, but instead of gold, it’s twinkling lights and festive cheer. Harbaugh Village, nestled on Bridgeton Pike in Mulica Hill, NJ, is this season’s best-kept secret, rivaling the lost city of Atlantis in its hidden splendor.

Born from a home in the town that quickly put it on the map—an homage to the great Clark Griswold and cult classics like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation—this village isn’t just a tribute—it’s a full-blown holiday extravaganza. It’s the kind of place where you half-expect elves to pop out, offering you gingerbread cookies.

Christmas has always been my jam, folks. As a kid, the season was about spreading joy and anonymously donating toys to families in need through our church’s adopt a star tree. Fast forward to now, and I’m on the other side of that giving chain, a place I never imagined I would end up and the reason why I pour my heart and soul into this blog every day, every night.  Every click, every read, and every purchase through our affiliate links is more than just support—it’s a sprinkle of that Christmas magic I’m trying to keep alive for my kids, who are only 8 and 10.

So, you’re here, reading this—kudos for finding the coolest holiday scoop on the block! It’s so outrageously good, you’ll probably want to blast it across every social media channel you’ve got. I mean, why keep this gem to yourself, right? Share the love, spread the cheer, and let’s make this the talk of the town!

The Christmas Light Bulb Moment

Five years ago, a single strand of Christmas lights sparked an idea in the minds of real estate developer Steve Harbaugh and his wife Gina. Today, that idea has blossomed into an entire village that twinkles brighter than Rudolph’s nose and spreads Christmas cheer faster than Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

From a Strand of Lights to a Village of Joy

Imagine this: a once undeveloped field under the Mullica Hill water tower on Route 77, now transformed into a year-round holiday attraction. It’s like the Grinch’s heart, it just grew three sizes! But instead of just being filled with decorations, this village is brimming with love, laughter, and a whole lot of giving.

The Village That Gives All Year Round

Now, you might be thinking, “A Christmas village that’s open all year round? What kind of Christmas sorcery is this?” Well, let me tell you, it’s the kind that turns tragedies into triumphs and spreads joy like confetti.

After the passing of his father, George, Steve Harbaugh decided to turn his grief into something positive. He created Harbaugh Village, a place that not only celebrates Christmas but also helps families in need. It’s like Santa’s workshop, but instead of just making toys, they’re making a difference.

Clark Griswold Himself Lights Up A Christmas Village In NJ: A Blogger’s Daydream

Disclaimer: I have zero ties with Harbaugh Village, George’s House, National Lampoons, or Chevy Chase, but if I did, I’d probably be mayor of Harbaugh Village by now.

Mark your calendars, folks! December 3, 2023, is not just any Sunday; it’s the day Harbaugh Village becomes the epicenter of holiday cheer, with Chevy Chase himself flipping the switch. Yes, THE Chevy Chase, a.k.a. Clark Griswold, is the king of holiday mishaps. He’s gracing Harbaugh Village for their tree lighting, a Q&A (where I’d ask, “How do you survive Christmas with the in-laws?”), and VIP house lighting that’s more exclusive than my grandma’s secret snickerdoodle recipe.

But here’s the plot twist: tickets have been sold out for over a month! It’s like trying to get the last piece of pie at a family gathering—impossible. The Village wraps up its holiday extravaganza on December 31st, taking a well-deserved break on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

As for me? I’m just over here, counting my pennies and daydreaming about taking my kids to see this dream Xmas destination, sipping peanut butter whiskey by our personal fire pit or igloo, battling my son at the “Snowball Zone” (if it’s as cool as I imagine), and maybe, just maybe, not falling on my face at the ice rink.

If anyone’s got a spare ticket or two (or a secret stash of Christmas cash) , let me know—my kids and I would be forever grateful! Unless it’s a Christmas miracle and you are the 1 millionth reader of this blog post, it’s going to be a tough Christmas this year, so don’t forget to share it with all your friends!!

OK, with that said, let’s get into it!

Harbaugh Village: Not Just a Winter Wonderland

You’d think a place like Harbaugh Village would be all about snowflakes and reindeer games, right? Wrong! This place is a four-season extravaganza. They’ve got moreWinter wonderland in nj than just your average twinkling lights; they’ve got a whole village that screams “Christmas” louder than a kid opening a new gaming console on Christmas morning.

Turning Tragedy into a Festival of Lights

So here’s the tea: Steve Harbaugh’s dad, George, passed away right after Christmas in 2017. Most people would’ve turned into a Scrooge, but not Steve. He took that heartache and flipped it on its head, creating a Christmas miracle that would make even the elves in the North Pole drop their toy-making tools in awe.

A Christmas Village with a Twist

And get this: Harbaugh Village isn’t your grandma’s Christmas village. This place has rides (yes, rides!) and attractions that would give old Saint Nick a run for his money. It’s like Steve thought, “What’s better than a Christmas tree? A Christmas village with a Ferris wheel!” Talk about overachieving.

The Heart of Harbaugh Village

But here’s where it gets real: Harbaugh Village isn’t just about bringing joy to the masses. It’s about bringing hope. They partner with charity organizations to help families in need. So while you’re there getting your Christmas fix, you’re also helping make the world a slightly less Grinchy place.

So, What’s the Deal with This Christmas Wonderland?Skylands stadium christmas light show

Well, let me break it down for you. Harbaugh Village is a place where you can soak in the holiday spirit, whether it’s July or December. It’s a place where Christmas isn’t just a day on the calendar; it’s a year-round feeling. And it’s all thanks to a man who decided to turn a sad Christmas story into a living, breathing holiday dream.


More Than Just a Price Tag

Alright, let’s talk turkey—or, should I say, Christmas ham? The price tag for Harbaugh Village has gone up faster than a reindeer on a sugar rush. But before you start rummaging through your couch cushions for extra change, let’s remember where those dollars are going. Every ticket sold is like a golden ticket to the chocolate factory for George’s House, a non-profit that’s all about spreading cheer—and not just the kind that comes wrapped in shiny paper.

So, yeah, you’re shelling out a few more bucks, but you’re also helping families get back on their feet. Think of it as investing in karma points. Plus, where else can you get carousel rides, games, and a chance to snap a selfie with Santa while also being a philanthropic rock star?

To order a ticket, CLICK HERE, but don’t get your hopes up because the Chevy Chase Christmas Tree Lighting is sold out!

Harbaugh Village Ticketing Information

General Admission Details

Item Price Details
General Admission Ticket $19.95 Access to Harbaugh Village, including:
Carousel Rides
Boardwalk & Sports Games
Exclusive Holiday Photo Opportunities
Live Entertainment
Holiday Light Displays
North Pole Experience Admission
Meet & Greet with Santa
Free Photo with Santa
Reindeer Food Making Station
Holiday Karaoke
 Craft Hand-written Letters to Santa
 Snowball Zone
Free Parking at Harbaugh Village

À La Carte Activities (Not Included in General Admission)

Harbaugh village igloo rentals

Harbaugh village igloo rentals

Activity Price Details Description
Skating Tickets $9.95 each 45-minute session.
Skate rental: $6.00 Each Guests may bring their own skates
Fire Pit Rental $50/session Exclusive fire pit rental for a session. Enjoy cozy moments with loved ones at your private fire pit. We provide and maintain the wood. Book early, as fire pits are in high demand. Note: Alcohol is available during holiday season operating hours.
Igloo Rental (same link as firepit) $60.00 How COOL!!!! Ideal for any small group, our cozy, heated igloos offer a private haven for up to 8 guests at Harbaugh Village, ensuring a comfortable experience sheltered from the elements. Wait service and liquor are available


A Christmas Legacy That’s More Than Just Tinsel

When the village lights up each December, it’s not just the bulbs that are getting all bright and shiny. It’s the whole shebang—the spirit of giving, the joy of helping out, and the legacy of a guy who looked at a sad situation and said, “Let’s make this better with more lights than Vegas.”

Next time you’re nursing that eggnog hangover, think about Harbaugh Village. It’s the place where Christmas isn’t just one day of frantic gift unwrapping but a full-time, all-year-round gig. It’s a reminder that the real Christmas magic isn’t hiding under the tree (or in that weirdly shaped present from Aunt Edna), but in the big-hearted acts of those who give.

And that, my festive friends, is what Christmas spirit is all about. So here’s a toast to Harbaugh Village, where every day is like living in a holiday snow globe, and every twinkle light is a high-five for humanity. 

Feeling the Christmas Spirit? Help Us Feel It Too!

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Harbaugh Village isn’t just a place; it’s a feeling, a community, and a beacon of hope and joy. Let’s make this holiday season the brightest yet. Because when we come together, the magic truly happens. 🎄❤️

Click, Share, Love, Repeat! Let’s make the spirit of Christmas an everyday celebration!


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