DIY: Best 2023 Interior Color Trend

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Interior color trend 2023, rasberry blush


In my quest for the latest interior color trend (because, let’s face it, my trendy mini-me and I deserve only the best), I stumbled upon Benjamin Moore’s freshest shade. Now, I might be in a “Champagne taste on a beer budget” situation post-divorce, but hey, old habits die hard. Why would I beeline for the clearance section when my inner diva still craves the crème de la crème? It’s like my bank account didn’t get the memo that I used to splurge on the finer things before handing it all over to a lawyer who might as well have been painting with a turkey baster. But I digress. Let’s dive into the captivating world of this color trend: the Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore.

Summary: Interior Color Trend 

Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color of the Year, Raspberry Blush, is a heady concoction of coral meets pink, meeting all the vibes of a girls’ night out, minus the hangover. Perfect for your living room, dining room, or even your not-so-secret powder room!

Complementary Colors 🎨

Raspberry blush color chartAlright, get ready to party like it’s 1999 (minus the questionable fashion choices)! Raspberry Blush is a social butterfly, and she demands some fabulous friends to keep the color party going! Just like you wouldn’t leave a party without your BFF (who takes the most embarrassing pictures of you but you love her anyway), Raspberry Blush won’t dare be seen without her entourage: Savannah Green, White Heron, Gray Owl, Etiquette, and Onyx. I

It’s a color squad that’s as tight-knit as your favorite leggings after Thanksgiving dinner (comfy and forgiving!). Mix and match like a boss and watch this color clique transform your space into a trendy hotspot that screams, “You’ve got style, girl!” Raspberry Blush is all about embracing the fun, and with these playful pals by her side, she’s ready to paint the town (literally) with her vibrant vibes! Find out more at Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2023! 🎨


How To Incorporate Raspberry Blush into Your Room 🏠

Alright, party people, it’s time to Raspberry-fy your room and get the fun vibes rollin’! Imagine your room as the hottest club in town, and Raspberry Blush is the glamorous hostess with her entourage of color BFFs!

  • First up, the Accent wall—the VIP of your room! Slap on some Raspberry WainscotingBlush and watch your room go from zero to hero in no time. It’s like giving your walls a VIP pass to the hottest color party in town!
  • Next, let’s talk Wainscoting. Who said it had to be dull? Rebel against boring and give it a bold Raspberry Blush makeover. You’ll have the most rebelliously stylish walls on the block!
  • Now, onto the furniture – your room’s celebrity guests! Add a dash of Raspberry Blush to a new sofa or headboard, and spills won’t stand a chance! Because let’s face it, accidents happen, but with spot cleaner by your side, you’ll be the Queen of cleanup in no time!
  • Accessories are the life of the party, so sprinkle that Raspberry Blush magic everywhere! From cushions to curtains, rugs to artwork, this fabulous hue is here to dazzle and delight!
  • Feeling adventurous? Time for some Color Pairings! Mix it up with cool neutrals like White Heron and Gray Owl, or get wild with Savannah Green. The color combos are endless, just like the dance moves on your room’s dance floor!
  • If you’re feeling a bit shy but still want to be the talk of the town, try Raspberry Blush in Small-Scale Applications! Paint your stairs or front door with this sassy hue, and soon you’ll have neighbors knocking to get a peek at your oh-so-bold style!

DIY Projects with Raspberry Blush 🛠️

Who needs a professional when you’ve got two hands, a can of paint, and an over-caffeinated Pinterest habit?

  • DIY Blush: Channel your inner beauty guru and whip up a homemade blush. Just don’t eat it, no matter how good it smells.
  • Painted Furniture: Breathe new life into that old, sad-looking chair with a fresh coat of Raspberry Blush.
  • Raspberry Blush Wall Art: Create a modern masterpiece with your favorite new color. Bonus points if you can convince your friends it’s an original Rothko.
  • Raspberry Blush Candles: Romantic dinner? Power cut? Just in love with candles? Make your own in Raspberry Blush!
  • Raspberry Blush Flower Arrangement: Pick up some flowers in our favorite hue and create a beautiful centerpiece. Just don’t let the cat eat it.

Raspberry Blush isn’t just a paint color, it’s a lifestyle. So, grab that paintbrush, put on your favorite DIY jeans (you know, the ones with the paint stains and the hole in the knee), and get ready to blush it up!

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