5 Ways to Get a Child’s Attention Without Yelling

Dealing with little kids on a daily basis you have to find different ways to make them pay attention with out yelling or screaming from the top of your lungs. To me that doesn’t work. I know if someone was screaming at me to do something I would curl into a ball and cry. Screaming and yelling is the total opposite way of getting a little ones attention. These tip will actually work. It’s amazing.

Tap Their Shoulder

You can place your hand on their shoulder. Get down to their eye level. Make eye contact. Once you have their attention give them the direction and ask them to do things.


When children get loud and out of control I don’t yell I whisper. Its crazy how this actually works. They tend to lower their voices too. They lower their voices just to hear what you are saying.

The Clapping Game

I usually start off by saying, “If you can hear me give me a clap.” This is my way of getting them ready to start off transitioning into circle time. I usually throw in some clapping sequence patterns for them to copy.

Do Something Totally Unexpected

I do this when I sense a power struggle. The kids aren’t listening and they are on planet Chaos. I would do something silly like silly faces or a song to dance to. It’s great how something so simple and silly can change a child’s mood and get there attention.

Tickle, Tickle

This is my ultimate go to. This is a great trick especially when your child is not paying attention and is in zombie zone. I use the itsy bity spider with my tickle fingers. I start singing and once the spider gets up the spout I would unexpectedly tickle their little necks. Once I get their attention in a playful way I can ask them to do what I ask.

These tip help us connect to kids in a playful manner. It can help us add a few extra giggles throughout the day. Do you have any attention tricks? Please share I would love to hear your ideas…