Hola Mexico

Husband and Wife Vacation (no Kids)

The time has come husband and wife vacation.  I love these vacations because these are the times I truly get to relax.  I don’t have to worry about feeding anyone or hearing anyone whining or crying.  A true Vacation.

My husband decided on this eco friendly resort in Playa Del Carmen which is about 1 hour away from the Cancun airport. Occidental Xcaret is amazing.  We used Book It to get our excursions, hotel and tickets (all inclusive is the way to go)https://bookit.com/mexico/playa-del-carmen/hotels/occidental-at-xcaret-destination-all-inclusive-resort/

We stayed for about a week.  We had about three excursions planned so our vacation was full of fun and relaxation.

The hotel was beautiful.  There is about 3 pools with lots of space. Being an eco friendly resort there were monkeys swinging through the trees, exotic birds, and an area with flamingos.  If you love nature this place is right up your alley. The bar staff makes sure you always have a drink in your hand and they are very helpful.  If you tip well they remember you.  My favorite barmaid was a woman named Consuela.  She kept the cervezas coming.

The food was amazing.  There are about 7 restaurants and there is one place Paco Tacos that stays open until 2am which is great if you are in the club partying and you want a late night bite.

We enjoyed the man made beach.  It can get alittle crowded at times but not too crazy.  You can do a little snorkeling as well which is included.  There is also an adult only area if you don’t want to be around kids on the beach.  The water was beautiful and clear.

We had an excursion to visit the Itza Chi Chen Mayan Ruins.  It was so incredible.   The drive was about an hour and a half but it was in a comfy bus with air-conditioning.  We stopped off at a little shop and then to the ruins.  The ruins were such an amazing site.  The tour guide was so informative and told us so much about the history of the Mayan people.

After the Ruins the site also included a visit to a cenote.  A cenote is basically a deep watering hole.  Cenote Ik Kil On the Yucatan Peninsula.  There were a lot of people there.  I was too much of a chicken to jump in.  My husband of course did.  I did regret not jumping in. The excursion is about 8 hours long but well worth it.

The next day we went to a theme park called Xplor park https://www.xplor.travel/en/.  No I’m a big chicken with rides.  This place was pretty great.  It didn’t feel to overly crowded. I don’t know where to start with this place.  I think we paid like 80$ each for the tickets but it also included a buffet lunch with steak..yes steak and seafood.  That its self was amazing.  The park was a lot of walking in a cave which was cool because you’re not getting burned by the sun. We drove ATVS well not me my husband. I was just a passenger.  That was thrilling.  We ziplined in and out of water. Swam in an underground cave.  Paddle boat in a cave. This park was so much fun.

At the hotel we were staying in they have a theme park right where the man made beach is.  The hotel had those tours if you want to invest in a timeshare.  If you listened to their hour long tour you get a dolphin experience at the Xcaret Park by one get one free.  So we only paid $100 for two ticket to swim with dolphins and than experience the park.  The park itself is like a huge zoo.  The swimming with dolphins was amazing.  It was the first time we did something like this and it was cool to experience it together.

Our last two days we stayed at the hotel and enjoyed the surroundings.  I love our getaways.  We loved this place so much we decided to bring the kids here next year.  Yes the whole Brady Bunch.  I absolutely recommend this place the staff was so helpful and pleasant and this is the perfect place for Woosa moments.