Boston in One Day

I have been going to Massachusetts for about 35 years. I have family that live in a town called Framingham its about an hour away from Boston.  I’ve never been to Boston for as many times I have visited Massachusetts.

My husband is a big historic buff so he wanted to visit the historic aspect of Boston I was like yes FINALLY.

We live in Queens NY so it was a 3 1/2 hour drive to my aunts house.  This was one of our weekend trips.

So on Saturday we decided to venture out into Boston.  We took the train which was really clean (compared to NYC subway) and a cool ride.

We first started walking along the Freedom Trail.  The Freedom Trail runs through Boston’s historic neighborhood. The trail is 2.5 miles long.  You can do a . guided tour or explore on your own.  Best place (which I learned after all the walking) to start is Boston Commons Visitor Information Center at 139 Tremont Street and end at the USS Constitution in Charlestown.

We went to get a bite to eat at Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall which was a pretty busy area.  It felt like it was the meeting grounds for tourist.  My hunger went away after seeing how crowded it was.  My suggestion have someone find seats while the other person gets the food.  Yes its that busy.


We continued walking with the guidance of google maps to CHEERS.. yes where everybody knows your name. Who doesn’t know Cheer, I had to make a stop there that’s kind of like history.  Well TV history.  They have the original bar on the top floor.  The lower level is setup like the bar as well but it has more seating if you want to eat.  It does get very crowded here so all we did was get Beers.

Finally we ended our tour at Boston Commons Park.  This park is the first public park in America.  Its a great place to relax on the lawn or bench, grab a little vendor snack or take a boat ride on a swan boat.  This park has a lot of history to it as well.  It can tend to get a bit crowded as well.