Reducing your Baby’s Risk of Allergies

I received this item to try on babies to help with Allegries. (Well food allergies)

It’s called Ready. Set. Food!  Allergies are on the rise. Thankfully, ground-breaking studies have shown that introducing potential Allergenic foods to infants early and often may reduce the chances of developing allergies by up to 80%. Ready, Set, Food! is a gentle guided system to make this easy.

It’s a gentle system that is used to help introduce your baby to peanuts, eggs and milk.

You can add it to formula, breast milk or food.

So far so good no reaction. Seems to be working great. No side affects. I really wish I had something like this with my daughter.  I waited a long while until she was 8 to find out she’s allergic to eggs and that’s what triggered her eczema.

Checkout my link for a free startup kit