Ways to Help Teething Baby

Babies are so much fun.  They are cute, loveable and great snuggle buddies but a lot of work. For first-time parents it can be challenging to know what is going on and what to do to keep your baby happy.
One thing you can know for sure is that all babies go through teething. This process of teeth coming in can be quite uncomfortable for babies and cause them to be fussy or cranky.
I am sure you have questions so lets get talking…

Teething is a natural process of teeth breaking through the gums.  Yes it sounds bad but that’s what the tooth is doing hence the discomfort and pain babies have.
Babies actually start to develop teeth within the gums during the eighth week of pregnancy. Their teeth will begin to break through the gums when they are around 6 months old.
Some babies may get their first teeth as soon as 2-3 months, while others may get theirs as late as 12 months, but 6 months is the average time frame you can expect.
As they come in, they’ll typically come in pairs. The first teeth to come in are the lower front teeth. Then, shortly after, the upper front teeth come in.
By the time your baby is 3 years old, 20 teeth will be in their mouth.

Signs of Teething

Usually a few days before teeth start to come in, the signs and symptoms begin to appear.
Below are some of the most common signs of teething seen in babies:

Loose bowel movement sometimes diarrhea

Visibly see a tooth below the gums
Excessive drooling
Fussy, irritated baby
Chewing on anything
Trouble sleeping
Swollen gums
Decreased feeding
Grabbing or pulling their ears

Tips to ease the pain

Frozen Fruit

Use a mesh food holder and add frozen fruit in them.  Let your little one gnaw and rub the frozen fruit on their gums.

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Make Milk Pops

Use a mini popsicle mold and make mini popsicles using breastmilk or formula.

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Peel a cold carrot that your baby can hold and use as a teething toy.  (Don’t use the baby carrots)

Essential Oils

Blend lavender and clove oil with some coconut oil.  Apply alittle on the gums.  Clove Oil is strong so a little goes a long way. A drop or two should be enough. It is a great oil for tooth and gum ache.  It even works for adults.

Is Teething Disrupting Your Baby’s Sleep

If teething is disrupting your baby’s sleep and you don’t want to constantly give Tylenol try these massage remedies which help with discomfort.

Effective for teething pain.

Massage on the padded part of the palm near the thumb for 20-30 seconds every 2 hours closer to bedtime.  It helps reduce the pain in gums and the volume of saliva.

The Knuckle of the Big Toe

Massage before, during and after bath time in a clockwise motion.

Sleep Inducing Point

This  is one of the most effective points when a baby is inconsolable.  Try this pressure point in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows.  Use a soft stroking touch for 10-20 seconds.

Teething requires a lot of patience to deal with. Woosa and try these tricks.  Questions, thoughts or ideas please leave me a comment.