How to Potty Train in Three Days?

Is Your Child Ready for the Potty?

The first time I potty trained anyone was my son.. that was a long time ago. I waited for him to tell me, but he did. He was two years old and I decided to take matters in my own hands. It took awhile but I was very patient and he became a potty pro.
Many years after I opened my daycare.. it’s been open for about 10 years now. I also helped parents with the potty training process. I use the 3 day method. For me it’s my go to.. checkout this download by Lora Jensen . If you’re a working parent I suggest you take off Friday and try to work on it in a long weekend. You need to pretty much stay at home for the entire 3 days. You need to dedicate those 3 days to the child. That means giving up “me” time. You will need to spend all waking hours with your child for 3 days.


Try to keep your child in a t shirt and underwear (but commando works best). The theory is if the child knows there is a diaper or even a pull-up to catch the peepee or poop they will depend on that if they have nothing there it should just click that they have to go to the potty.


Yes accidents will happen. Accidents will help children learn. The method is against punishment during training. You just clean up any accident and encourage your child to go to the potty the next time. I know you will have the feeling to yell but don’t. I know personally if I get yelled at I don’t want to do anything so yelling at the child for peeing on the floor may take you steps back.. Trust me encouragement works.


Stock up on drinks. Encourage child to drink more than usual. This will cause them to pee and that’s what you want- THE URGE.
Paper towels

Clorox cleanup for the accidents
Extra clothes
A timer.. take child every 15 minutes to the potty
Stickers and chart..reward them for accomplishing the use of the potty
a potty or portable seat

Now I’ve been using this method for years and it always works. I utilize it in my daycare whenever I have to potty train a little one. It works. Some kids may need a little more time but if you work hand in hand with their teacher, babysitter or nanny this method will work.

Fell free to download my sample potty chart.
If you have any comments, suggestions or question please feel free to comment away.